Wedding days are so much hectic. There is a chaotic situation with excitement everywhere. What if we plan it? Planning is useful for a wedding to go on smoothly. Family runs here and there in stress. If you really wanna know the secret of a stress free wedding planning, here is the complete guide tour for all of you.



Step 1 –  The hairdresser and the makeup artist meets the bride and her co-member at the residence/ hotel room/ salon.

Step 2 – The wedding planner is all set to check everything.

Step 3 – The photographer arrives at the bride’s room for getting ready shoot pictures with the final touch up by the makeup artist after hair is set.

Step 4 – The groom and the best man starts getting ready at the their residence or the venue.

Step 5 – The wedding planner gets the garlands and corsages from the florist. The planner will ensure the seating arrangement, the entrance with Lord Ganesha’s statues and standies of couple.

Step 6 –  The ceremony site should be ready. The photographer and the pundit arrives at the site . The DJ sound check is done and the light music is being played.

Step 7 – The pre pictures shoot of groom, grooms men , his family is done. Meanwhile the Dhol, Bhangra crew will get ready to move further.

Step 8 – The Baraat assembles at the groom’s main ceremony site . The groom gets on the horse with people enjoying bhangra beats and dhol.

Step 9 – The Baraat proceeds further to the ceremony site where bride ‘s family will welcome them.

Step 10 – The Baraat will join the family of the bride and the Milnees will take place.

Step 11 – The groom ‘s mother and the bride‘s sisters will perform Aarti on the groom and the bride ‘ s family will welcome them with a ribbon cutting.

Step 12 – The groom is being settled up and relaxed on the Mandap.

Step 13 – The bride is said to be relaxed with her bridesmaid and parents. The flower basket will hand over to the bridesmaid for the further celebrations.

Step 14 – The bride arrives slowly with the pictures clicked at every step of hers. The planner will ensure the snacks system side by side.

Step 15 – The bride settled up in Mandap and the ceremony begins with the pundit enchanting the Mantars.

Step 16 – The ceremony gets over beautifully and on time . Meanwhile, announcements will be made for guests to proceed towards the lunch.

Step 17 – The bride and the groom will have some time alone, building up with their memories with family.

Step 18 – DJ will change the music accordingly or demanded by the crowd.

Step 19 – The bride and the groom will proceed towards the reserved table.

Step 20 – Get together and chit chat with family members and others.

Step 21 – Wedding planner will take a rest and will check on the schedule which must be done accordingly on time.

Step 22 – Guest will start departing. The bride and the groom will go in the end .Wedding planner will ensure that everything is settled down for another wedding to happen.

Step 23 – The bride and the groom will depart slowly with their families.

Step 24 – Post ceremony pictures finishes and the bride and the groom will head towards the hotel .

Hope so your wedding turn out to be one of the best managed wedding in town.

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