Plan a Modern and Quirky Outdoor Wedding

Do you want an outdoor wedding in the natural settings where you could enjoy the fresh air and have all the fun seeing the amazing views? But we are always unaware of the weather and there might be other hindrances to an outdoor wedding which seem to make a difficult day for you. That’s okay, we are here to give you some cool suggestions and hacks which you can use if you plan an outdoor wedding.


When planning an outdoor wedding, the most important thing remains the location. It’s important to work out all the aspects before finalising the location. The reachability for the guests, distance from your place, environment of the place, affordability, permits and many more concerns are there when you book a location.

Our suggestion – Look for a location which is within your pocket limits and is easy to coordinate with so that there no hassles you face while the planning and setting up the venue. Permits is  an important formality which are to be completed before the booking of the venue, so cover them first. Location selected should have enough space for the no. of guests invited, try not to make it too fussy and crowded.

Weather Check

Of course, the weather can’t be known prior to the actual day of the event but forecasts always help and also the season can indicate the weather which is going to be that day. So, you can always plan accordingly.

Our suggestion – If it’s a rainy season and you don’t want to ruin your outfits and the décor on the day of the event with a surprise rain then you can always opt some simple precautions. Make sure that the décor is waterproof, prefer fresh flowers and plastic sheet décor which would also add fun and would look unique. Set up different sheds for sitting areas where the guests can sit back and enjoy your wedding with the amazing weather. 

If it’s a humid weather, you can have sprinkler coolers placed at different places at the venue, so that it doesn’t become a sweat party and so that the guests can enjoy the day without complaining about the moist weather.

If it’s a hot sunny day, you can add a touch of care by having stands for sunnies and sunscreen at the wedding. Have an interesting menu for cocktails and mock tails and keep your guests fresh and happy. Have sprinkler coolers for cool air throw.

Fun Activities

An outdoor wedding can be a lot of fun. The Djs are not the only option for you, there are various ways in which you can make your guests enjoy your wedding and make them remember it for years.

Our suggestion – Plan some fun games like dance offs, couple races, eating contests at your wedding which can fill the day with fun and excitement. Music can be a part of all this and the wedding would be a unique one with all the modernity and quirkiness.


Lighting is a big and important part of the décor and an outdoor wedding would need creative lighting which makes the set up look attractive and a complete delight for the eyes.

Our suggestion – An outdoor wedding would have trees or bushes around, so don’t forget to make them glow with interesting lighting. Wind the poles with lights or you could make a shed with lights. Hang lights in sheds or as a part of décor in interesting and creative ways like lamps and lanterns. And then in the end you can have a hot air light fun and see the sky glitter.

These were some of the suggestion and ideas from us and you can always be more creative and come up with more fun ideas. We hope you have an amazing wedding and work it out brilliantly.

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