Nikah or Muslim Theme Wedding Planner In Delhi,

Nikah or Muslim Theme Wedding Planner In Delhi

Populary known as Nikah in the religion of Islam, wedding rituals of Muslim marriage vary greatly from the Hindu religion, it significantly lays emphasis on the union of two souls. There are even varied rituals performed before and after the wedding, which lead to the completion of the ceremony.

There are two religious heads present at the place, representing the two parties. The amount of Mehar, a compulsory amount of money to be given to the bride by the groom’s family is also decided. After this, the Maulavi asks the bride three times, whether she accepts the concerned person as her husband, with settled the amount of the Mehar.

After her consent, the groom is asked three times, whether he accepts the concerned woman as his wife, with the decided amount of Mehar. After his consent, the Nikahnama is signed by the couple.

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