Nandan Borker Collective

Nandan Borker is a composer, music producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Skilled in Western and Hindustani Classical Music, he started learning music at the age of seven.

Nandan’s music has a refined sense of instrumentation and follows a more varied range of orchestrated music. His love for experimentation in music can be seen in the way he amalgamates various elements of Indian and Western classical music— branching into diverse genres like contemporary folk, jazz, and indie-pop. His quest to try out new electronic sounds and his intense proclivity for vocal harmonies add a new dimension to the band’s sound and the live music scene. 

His band “The Nandan Borker Collective” brings together various musicians with varied musical background and skill-set, that add remarkable value to his vision and thought. The debut album of the band will be released soon.

Nandan Borker Collective showreel officially managed By Aouraa Production