Theme Weddings

Weddings are so special and full of so much fun. And they can be made more special and unforgettable if you decide to have them based on vivid themes and the matching décor. Theme weddings have become an attraction nowadays. People prefer to have themed weddings because it adds a character to the whole event which becomes memorable for a life time.

We at Aouraa Production, promise you to give you the best theme wedding ideas and their execution. Our team consists of experts and professionals who are well experienced and are 100% committed to make your day unforgettable with their untiring efforts .

Following are some of the Themes we offer for weddings:

Vintage Theme

Vintage theme is a very popular one. It has a unique feel to it and it adds a class to the whole event. With vintage cars, vintage cups with the associated color scheme you can add the glamour and make a statement with the interesting décor. Vintage is all about pearls and lace, so you can use that in the décor too.

Movie Based Theme

If you are a cinema lover then you would love this theme. It’s all fun and full of excitement. Movie based themes have a lot to offer. The décor, food and your outfits, everything can be coordinated according to your favorite movie.  Imagine living your favorite movie and capturing it for life time, so that whenever you look back at that day, you see yourself surrounded by pure happiness.

Contemporary Theme

Contemporary themed weddings are so in trend nowadays. With all the modernity and simplicity, contemporary style gives a vibe of elegance and beauty. Choosing the beige colors and sophisticated décor with a touch of contemporary arts. It is minimalistic yet so beautiful.

Aqua theme

Aqua theme weddings are pure bliss. You can have a décor which showcases the life under the sea, the aqua colors which are so cool and refreshing with all the fresh flower arrangement. With the white light arrangement with blue décor, your wedding event would look like a dream.

Colors Theme

Colors theme weddings always look so amazing. There can be a single color and it’s different shades or multi-color set up or a combination of 2 or more colors. You can coordinated your outfit and tell your guests to follow a color code for wedding. It would be an amazing sight, we bet.

So, What you waiting for ? Plan your dream themed wedding with us for a splendid experience and unforgettable  moments. We are flexible with new ideas and are ever ready to go to lengths to make our clients happy.