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Aouraa Production: Event Management Company in Delhi


 Your quest for the most reliable event management companies in India ends at our doorsteps

We appreciate you taking time out and reaching to our Homepage. If it is the quest for the most reliable event management companies in Delhi NCR has dragged you to our website, we congratulate you for reaching the destination, wherein you will be getting one-stop solutions to plan, design and host your special events with success.

How we got started?

A young and vibrant party among the event management companies in Delhi NCR, Aouraa Productions is dedicated to crown your special events with success. Established in the year 2009, by a visionary and young entrepreneur, with the objective to set a new standard of excellence in the domain of event management and event execution services, we have paralleled the top event management companies in India, in span that is less than even a decade. Today, we are getting counted among the most sought-after event management companies in India, offering a plethora of services and the qualitative standing of the services, producing 100% satisfaction of our clients.

Scopes of services and solutions we are offering

Approaching us, clients will be getting 360-degree services and solutions, related to Wedding planning and event management for individual and business entities. So far wedding planning services are concerned, we are the only Event management agency in Delhi NCR that handle the complete scope of responsibility, starting from planning, budgeting, coordination, as well as executing the event. Likewise, as a leading Event management agency in India, we offer complete support for planning, designing as well as executing the individual as well corporate special events.

Being the Top event management company in Delhi NCR, our mission is to stand beside our clients to ensure that their events are executed in flawless perfection and it produces the satisfaction of all the stakeholders. Our objective is to handle the entire assignment in a style that our clients are shielded from the chances of facing any troublesome instances, incurring lots of unproductive expenses or hosting the event in a style that it fails to meet the purpose for arranging the event.

How are we different from other event management companies?


As the best Event management agency in India, We are of the opinion that the quality of the services, entirely depends on the worthiness of the hand that produces it. On board, we have a pool of professionals who are qualified, experienced and most importantly, dedicated to producing the most delightful services to the clients. As a matter of fact, it is the untiring efforts of our workforce that enabled us to attain a pioneer position among the  Event organiser companies in Delhi NCR. Our staffs and officials always prioritise on meeting the expectation and satisfaction of our clients and they are ready to walk those extra miles it might take to accomplish this objective. As such, our standing as the leader of the Event organiser companies in Delhi NCR stands outside the scope of doubts.

We are different from the other Event organiser companies in India in terms of our business value and our customer-centric approach. Whatever we are doing, the clients stand at the centre of all of our efforts. As the top Event organiser companies in India, we believe in customising our services so that it meets the specific needs of the clients and fits in their spending plans. As such, it stands assured that our Event management services in Delhi NCR will produce the complete satisfaction of satisfaction of the customers and produces the best value for their investment on our services.  No wonder, in instances, one looks for a provider of Event management services in Delhi NCR, we are the first name that they consider.

It will be especially relevant to state that the reviews on our services by our existing clients come exceptionally positive.  It implies we have been able to meet their expectations and satisfaction. In our opinion, this is the point that segregates us from the other providers of Event management services in Delhi NCR. In addition, it gives our clients to approach us to trust and confidence.

As on date, our services have been tested by the top Corporations in the country and we are constantly thriving forward to make it to the international stage. When it comes to the selection of a provider for Event management services in Delhi NCR, we are undoubtedly the market leader, with a proven track record for our services.

We owe a lot to your clients who have patronised our success and achievements and made us the top Event management agency in Delhi NCR. We are committed to reciprocating it back, by offering them the most delightful support and solution for hosting their events, successfully.

Venue Finalize

There is a lot of things that rely on
the venue; therefore it is essential
to have a proper place for the event.
Jaimala Themes

Aouraa Production has all kinds of
Jaimala themes like Lotus theme,
Sea Shell theme, Tajmahal Theme,
Kalash Theme, Diamond Jaimala,
Heart Theme, Escalator Theme
& Book theme to name a few.
DJ Setup

Aouraa Production is instrumental in
providing world class Girls DJ,
Wedding DJ for Weddings,
Parties and other special occasions.
Catering Service

Benefit from Aouraa diverse
wedding catering services and
huge knowledge of how to make
the most of your budget.
Wedding Decoration

We will help you in Wedding
Functions Decorations. Like: Venue,
Theme Destination, Catering,
Entertainment Part.

We provide Russian Belly Dancers
services in India, Dubai,
UK & Thailand to make your
dream wedding unforgettable.