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Tips for Pre-Wedding Brides on Skin Care After Holi!

Are you getting married after Holi? Well, not to worry about it. No, we don’t want you to spend the entire holiday sitting at home, but please keep it to a minimum. Despite your best efforts, the color eventually damages your skin, and you would most certainly not want that during the hectic wedding preparations. To be exact, it’s practically like inviting stress!

So, we decided to put up a list of post-Holi skincare suggestions to help you stop wearing all the vibrant Holi colors on your face! As you take full advantage of the festival and maintain good skin, we hope these advice will be helpful.

Olive Oil To The Rescue

Olive oil can be used to get rid of the extra color. Use a damp cloth to gently massage it into the skin before wiping it off. Use a gentle facial wash and scrub it gently to remove as much color as possible. Apply a moisturizer afterward to keep the skin hydrated!

Use Ice To Cool It Out

The majority of us play holi outside in the intense sun, which leaves our skin parched and parched! Applying ice cubes on your face and neck will tighten pores and improve the appearance of your skin.

Ditch The Makeup

Come on, you’ve already exposed enough toxins to your skin to warrant a glance at makeup! After Holi, avoid wearing makeup for at least a week! Give your skin time to repair itself and replenish its moisture. So, good-bye (at least for a few days) to MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Lakme.

Homemade Facepack Is Your BFFs

It’s time to treat your skin well! Don’t we all adore DIY facepacks? They are pure and natural, in addition to being calming to the skin. Try making a paste out of Rose water, gram flour, sweet oil, and milk cream Or, olive oil plus papaya.

The Magic Of Gel

Concerned about the irritability and redness following the color removal? Don’t worry; soothe the skin with aloe vera gel or a little moisturizer. If you continue to experience allergic reactions, please see a dermatologist!

Portrait Of Young Indian Woman With Colored Face Dancing During Holi

No Wax, Please!

After Holi, it’s strictly forbidden to wax, bleach, or have a facial! Kindly put it off for a few weeks. It may cause more skin damage or dryness.

If you know of any other effective remedies, please share them with us in the comments section below.

Finally, have a happy Holi! We hope that this event will fill your life with brilliant hues.

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