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Top 5 Money-Saving Advices for Indo-Canadians Looking to Get Married in India

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When it comes to Indian destination weddings costs, Canadians can in most cases get better prices than Americans. Canadian airlines such as Air Canada, WestJet, SunWing and Air Transit (though they are merging with Air Canada) through their travel divisions that serve as tour operators can provide superior pricing because they bundle the flight with the hotel room and add on top of that the shuttle transfer from airport to hotel and back.

For the couple (and/or their Indian parents), the tradeoff is the need to take on some risk in the form of a sizeable deposit in order to secure the best prices for the majority of their guests from the Canadian tour operator. Below are our tips to minimize the risk while maximizing the overall discount.

  1. From really close family or friends, see if you can collect the full amount up front, rather than just a deposit, which you can then use towards covering the deposits for additional seats.
  2. Because the quote from the tour operator is usually on good for seven to 15 days, getting deposits from your guests in time to submit to the tour operator can be quite challenging, even though those deposits are usually only $150 per person. Thus, it’s quite common for the couple (and/or the parents) to pay a lump sum deposit on behalf of a large number of guests in order to secure the best price for as many guests as possible. And if you’ve secured the correct resort, it’s worth having a large guest list because each room night will equate to additional wedding benefits from the hotel for the couple, thus further reducing the cost of the wedding.
  3. The tour operator will charge an initial deposit of the bride and groom deposit in the range of of $200 to $400. That deposit gets the couple 40 seats on the plane (or 20 rooms in the hotel) at no additional cost. Don’t allocate any of these “deposit-free” original 40 seats to close family or friends. You know these guests are guaranteed to come to your Indian destination wedding. Instead, make them pay the deposit immediately.
  4. It’s better to book more seats than you think you need in the beginning, in order to retain as many seats as possible at the superior original price — you’ll be allowed to release those seats without any conditions typically within the first 90 days of the booking.
  5. Use to publish a personalized destination wedding website in a matter of hours in order to start collecting deposits from your guests ASAP thus reducing the number of deposits you need to cover to capitalize on your original best price from the tour operator.

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